International Seminar

Changing Regional Dynamics in the Wake of US Sanctions on Iran: Opportunities of Cooperation between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey"

Date: 18th July, 2019

Roundtable on "Constitutional Evolution of Pakistan - Projecting Beyond Horizon"

Date: 27th July, 2019

The constitution establishes the principles of governance, lays down the rules of executive and legislative procedures, and defines the rights and obligations of the citizenry. Ideally, it is a reflection of the values and norms considered inviolable in a society. In Pakistan’s case, however, the sacrosanctity of the constitution has not been maintained. After abrogation of two constitutions, a democratically elected constituent assembly in 1973 finally enacted the current version of the constitution with the consensus of all political parties. Twice suspended, the 1973 constitution has been amended 25 times, some of which fundamentally changed the federalist and democratic character of the document . . . . . . . .

Workshop on "Constitutional Issues"

Date: August, 2019