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Support to The Muslims to Have A State of Thier OWN, 1980

In the Motamar's Conference held in Famagusta in the Turkish State of Kibris (Cyprus) in March 1980, the full support of the Islamic World was expressed for the right of the Muslims of Kibris to self-determination and to have a state of their own on the island.

Delegations For The Warring States of Iraq And Iran, 1982

In a Motamar Conference in Colombo in 1982, the warring states of Iraq and Iran were represented by high-level delegations. In line with the wish of the Conference, a two-member delegation of the Motamar consisting of Dr. Marouf Dawalibi, the President of the Motamar, and Mr. Hanifa Mohammad, a Sri Lanka Minister, paid a goodwill visit to Baghdad and Tehran to promote the cause of peace and amity between the two Muslim countries.

Christian-Muslim Dialogue, 1982

In 1982, the Motamar organized a Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Colombo under the aegis of its Colombo Branch. The Motamar has been taking part through its representatives in the meetings and conferences of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, the Asian Conference on Religion and Peace and in a large number of other inter-Faith gatherings in many parts of the World.