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Formation of motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami, 1926
The Organizational Shape, 1931
Revival OF The Motamar, 1949

Support To the Kashmiris, 1950
The New Form And Shape, 1951

Map Of The Islamic World, 1962
The World Muslim Gazetteer, 1965
Blessing from Saudi Arabia, 1965
Al-Quds and Baitul Maqda, 1967
Protest for Al Aqsa Mosque, 1969

Anniversary of the Holy Quran, 1970-1980
Voice of Quran, 1970
Addressing the UN General Assembly, 1979

Support to The Muslims to Have A State of Thier OWN, 1980
Delegations For The Warring States of Iraq And Iran, 1982
Christian-Muslim Dialogue, 1982
Filipino Muslims, 1983
Nuclear Arms Race and Disarment, 1984
Establishment Of The Headquarters, 1987
Niwano Peace, 1987

Bosnian Muslims, 1990
Kosovo Muslims, 1998-1999