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April 2009
  Pakistan's war against terrorists in crucial stage
Current Affairs
  Chance for peace in Kashmir
- Farhana Ali
Israels new face: Fascism
- Muqtedar Khan
West boycotts UN body meeting over fears Israel wil be assailed Nobel laureate slams Israel, its supporters seek Hamas inclusion in peace process
- Muhammad Ali Siddiqi
Palestine: Right cause, wrong strategy
- Adel S. Safty
The Bosnian example of coexistence
- Amir Telibeirovic
Pak China relations
- I. M. Mohsin
British Muslim Peace and Reconciliation delegation meets South Darfur Governor
- Mozammel Haque
  Who is the enemy?
- Dallas Darling
Israel’s days as Jewish state are numbered
- Linda S. Heard
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Madarasas in India attached to open schools
- Andalib Akhter
Women Development
  Launch of Saudi Women’s Association in
London to promote Saudi image
-Mozammel Haque
Muslim Minorities
  The joy and pain of being an Indian Muslim
- Kaleem Kawaja
  37 Korean troops embrace Islam First Elections of Mosques body in the UK
- Mozammel Haque
Book Review
  A bibliography of Qur’an’s English translations
Great Muslims
  Abbad ibn Bishr