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August - September 2008
  Middle East peace process:
Bush administration's failure
Special Report
  King Abdullah calls for dialogue
to bridge gaps and establish peace

- Dr. Mozammel Hague
Current Affairs
  Kashmir: A paradise turned into hell
- Mohammad Jamil
Capture of Balkans' mini-Hitler
- Mazhar Qayyum Khan
After the Butcher's capture
- M. A. Niazi
Pakistan's tribal areas
- M. Asghar Khan
Inter-faith Dialogue
  Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah calls for
'An Alliance of Virtue'
- Dr. Mozammel Hague
Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat speaks at 2nd World
Peace Forum in Jakarta
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
- M. H. Sarkar
  The rise of Fascism in India
  Islamic Economic System The Alternative
- Syed Sadat Husaini
The Dollar's Reign Coming to an End?
- Chandra Muzaffar
Human Rights
  US blacks on long road to political equality
- Matthew Bigg
  Only Allah Knows Why
- Iman Reda Mohamed
Book Review
  Jesus and Mary in The Holy Qur'an
- Reviewed by Prof. U Muhammad Iqbal