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August - September 2014
  Pakistan's successful operation against terrorists
Current Affairs
  Nawaz Sharif addresses at the UN General Assembly

Vandals of Our Time Ravage Gaza

Kashmir Martyrs' Day observed

Hindutva and Indian Muslims
- Dr. Javed Jamil

Obama's Iraq policy: Passing the first hurdle
- James Zogby

Syria conflict seeps into Lebanon

Srebrenica massacre remembered

A glance at Israel's blood-soaked history in Gaza

A crime made in Washington and Tel Aviv
- Seumas Milne

Palestinian shift may bring war crimes case closer to Israel

Is a third intifada possible?
- As'ad Abdul Rahman

Palestine: A fait accompli
- Aasim Zafar Khan
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
Muslim Minorities
  'Crusade' against British Muslims in Education
- Ibrahim Hewitt
Great Muslims
  The Saint of Sirhind