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August 2010
  Islamophobia or Muslim bashing?
Current Affairs
  Gaps in Obama's Afghan strategy
- Dr. Maleeha Lodhi
Islamophobia, a big problem in
Britain: MP Sarwar
- Asif Mehmood
Blocking of Pakistani river water by India - Tasneem Noorani
The future of Palestine
- John J. Mearsheimer
Who will become Indian Mandela to
solve Pak-India water crisis?
- John Briscoe
US options in the Kyrgyzstan crisis
- Zeenia Satti
Jaswant Singh's visit to Pakistan
- Javid Husain
Memo to US: Stop murdering
my people
- Khaled Amayreh
Israeli parliament's racist policies
- As'ad Abdul Rahman
Israel's nuke hypocrisy
- Robert Parry
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Europe rebels against Muslim outfits
- Olga Gumanova
Muslims and modernity
- Aziz Ali Dad
Israel's actions are hurting US
- Farhan Bokhari
  Building Peace with Religious
Education: Cheng Ho Trust holds
Muslim Minorities
  India's downtrodden Muslims
- Sanjay Kumar
Great Muslims
  Abdullah ibn Masud