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February 2008
  West's worry about safety of Pakistan's nuclear assets
Current Affairs
  Give Palestinians a chance to breathe free
 - Karen Koning Abuzayed
Israel's blockade of Palestinians and
the Humanitarian crisis in Gaza?

  - Dr. Mozammel Haque
Who's to blame for Gaza?
  - Claude Salhani
The prospect for improved US -Iran ties
  - Marwan Kabalan
India with Israel in M-East Crisis?
  - Dr. S. Ausaf Saied Vasfi
The ĎAnnapolis Conference' confirmed the logic of war
  - Adel Safty
Guantanamo as a symbol
  - Ramzy Baroud
Rise and fall of Suharto
  - Ellen Nakashima
First International Conference on Radicalisation
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  - Imperialism and the Islamic Movement; The Emerging Polarity
  ..... Allah Answered my wish
Muslim Minorities
  Judicial ruling in cases of divorce upsets Muslim in India
 - Dr Shakil Samdani
Great Muslims
  Umm Habiba bint Abu Sufyan
(peace be upon her)