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February 2007
  Saudi mediation between Hamas and Fatah
Current Affairs
  Iran - the gathering storm
- Farooq Hameed Khan
A new chance for peace?
- Jimmy Carter
HR abuses in Indian-occupied Kashmir
- Kaleem Omar
Plans for a Muslim Holocaust!
- Abidullah Jan
UK-Indonesian Islamic Advisory Group
calls for community cohesion
- Dr. Mozammel Haque
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  World Civilization or A Clash of
Civilizations: a debate
Human Rights
  Anti-conversion laws in India
Why Muslims reject Vande Mataram
- Faiz ur Rehman
Education & Research
  King Faisal International Prizes for 2007
- Sameen Ahmed Khan
  Channel 4 Despatches Programme:
Undercover Mosque
US Mayor reverts to Islam
Tablighi Ijtima seeks blessings for World Peace
- Parvez Bari
Muslim Minorities
  Indian Muslims: Unequal citizens
Book Review
  Agenda for cleaner, healthier and
peaceful world
- Reviewed by Seema Saleem
Great Muslims
  Abdullah ibn Jahsh,
Companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him)