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January 2011
  Winds of change in Arab world
Current Affairs
  We must fix our own problems: a
plea to Arabs
- Bouthaina Shaaban
It's time for a free Palestine
- John V Whitbeck
Bangladesh's pragmatic approach
- Khalid Iqbal
Anniversary of Babri Masjid's demolition:
Muslims seek Advani's arrest
Legality of Kosovo's independence
- Nabiha Bari
Marginalisation of British Muslims
- Shabana Syed Historic move to expose Israel
- George S. Hishmeh
Israel digging its own grave
- Linda Heard
Palestinians of Israel poised to take centre stage
- Seumas Milne
Drums of war still beating in Gaza
- Nasser Najjar
Special Article
  Kashmir's fruits of discord
- Dr. Arundhati Roy
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Israel, Obama and the bomb
- Conn Hallina
Arab unity above all else
- Mohammad Abdullah Al Mutawa
Interfaith Dialogue
  Celebration of National Inter Faith
week in England and Wales

- Mozammel Haque
  Prof. Tariq Ramadan on
Prophet's (pbuh) role in inter faith
- Dr. Mozammel Haque
Great Muslims
  At-Tufayl ibn Amr ad-Dawsi