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February 2012
  President Obama's apology over desecration of the Holy Quran
Current Affairs
  Why Egypt embraces the brotherhood
- Sarah A. Topol
Terrorism has no religious context
- As'ad Abdul Rahman
Afghan endgame - US version
- S.M. Hali
Prof Ghulam Azam, a victim of conscience
- M Ayub Munir
King Abdullah's education programme
- Dr. Mozammel Haque
Why Islamists win elections in Arab countries
- Lawrence Davidson
Renewed violence in Iraq
- Patrick Cockburn
In the aftermath of Iraq
- Robert Olson Palestinians in a 'Jewish state'
- Ben White Pandering to the Jewish lobby
- George S. Hishmeh Gingrich's words show his ignorance
- Adel Safty
US paper on Afghanistan's future
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
Book Review
  Rise and fall of Muslim societies
Interfaith Relations
  Tribute to Sree Narayana Gurudev
- Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat
Muslim Minorities
  International Conference on Mechanism how to deal with Muslim Minority
- Dr. Mozammel Haque
Great Muslims
  Suhayb ar Rumi