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February 2009
  State' terrorism by Israel and India fuelling extremism in Muslim countries
Current Affairs
  Arabs patience running out
Time to hold Israel to account
Israel stands accused of War Crimes, says Baroness Tonge in the House of Lords
- Mozammel Haque
Israeli invasion of Gaza: US President
defends, other world leaders condemn
- Mozammel Haque
Palestinians' plight
- Tayyab Siddiqui
Aid for Palestine under attack
- Linda S. Heard
Resistance of Gazans legitimate,
say scholars
- Abdul Rahman Shaheen
Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip: a
post-mortem report
- Mozammel Haque
Saudi-China ties in a new era
Inter-faith Dialogue
  Interfaith dialogue
- Mohammad Jamil
Seminar on Harmony, Peace & Universal
Values: Buddhism & Islamic Perspective

- Mozammel Haque
Seminar on Interfaith Harmony and
Peaceful Co-existence held in Dhaka
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Education and women in Saudi Arabia
- Mozammel Haque