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July 2009
  President Obama's gesture to the Muslim World
Inter-faith Dialogue
  The Jewish lobby has American foreign
policy in a vice-like grip
 - Kaleem Omar
Few tears for crimes against Muslims
 - Linda S. Heard
The tribal frontier
Obama's overture to the Muslim world
 - Javid Husain
Can Obama deliver on his vows?
 - Mohammad Jamil
The Palestinian refugee problem
 - Moshe Ma'oz
Standing up to pressures from India
  - Dr Maqbool Ahmad Bhatty
M. E. Conflict: Religion as a weapon!
 - Clauds Salhans
A new beginning
 - Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik
Text of Obama's speech to Muslims - II
Special Article
  How to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace
 - Hosni Mubarak

Israel's discriminatory policy out in the open
 - Adel Safty
India's growing military muscle
 - Talat Masood
Obama's Muslim ‘concern
' - Shamshad Ahmad
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
Human Rights
  Gujarat Carnage: Role of CM Narendra Modi
 - Ram Puniyani
  Imam Khomeini: Brief Biography
Muslim Minorities
  ASEAN responsibility towards the plight of the Rohingya
Great Muslims
  Abdullah ibn Hudhaifah as-Sahmi