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The Muslim World

President Barack Obama’s statement reg. Muslims appreciated

We in the World Muslim Congress welcome and deeply appreciate the statement of the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama, regarding the change of attitude of the United State’s citizens of other faiths, towards Muslims and Islam. This statement, we believe would go a long way in bringing the followers of Christianity and Islam closer and the gap would certainly narrow-down if we start listening and understanding the other side. It applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslim community in Europe and the United States have been under tremendous pressure after 9/11, so much so that a person with a name connected to Islam invariably invited trouble and sometimes outright persecution but it is also a fact that a very large number of Muslims have shown perseverance, as well as, understanding of the implications of those unfortunate events and through their courteous behaviour; openness and generosity have earned the respect and understanding of the other communities. But there are areas like India, Kashmir, Myanmar and Palestine, where Muslims are continuously facing the worst kind of persecution and denied even the basic rights as human beings. It is our duty as a law abiding Muslims to make continued efforts to open communications, with other communities, as the lack of communication, breeds estrangement and ultimate hostility.