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June 2009
  The Muslim world and the media
Current Affairs
  Trilateral talks for Kashmir solution stressed Israel makes Gazans' life 'extremely difficult': UN
India cannot ignore Kashmir issue: UK media
How Israel's propaganda machine works
 - Dr James Zogby
Hope for Muslims in Europe?
 - Shada Islam
British Muslims are pious loyal citizens:
Gallup findings of Muslim attitudes
 - Mozammel Hague
Text of Obama's speech to Muslims
Obama's overture to Islamic world-          
 -  Praful Bidwai
  Majority in US oppose Israeli settlements
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
Human Rights
  Indian Muslims facing discrimination in housing: WP For a Peaceful Future
 - Jimmy Carter
Muslim Minorities
  India's Sunni Muslims to form national body
 - Fahmi Rahmani
Great Muslims
  Salman al-Farsi