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March 2012
  Anti-Islamic mindset of the American military
Current Affairs
  Muslim Brotherhood's Mursi elected Egypt's President
Israel slowly losing support
- Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan
Is it time for an Arab Gulf Union?
- Patrick Seale
Communal riots in India in 2011
- Asghar Ali Engineer
Worsening Syria war drives civilians from homes
Redefining the 'Arab Spring': Is Chaos Overtaking Revolution?
- Ramzy Baroud
Tweeting democracy across the Arab world
- Guy Golan
Israel's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons
- Stephen Lendman
The Palestinian Struggle Persists and Evolves
- Rami G. Khouri
Secret Israeli archives reveal more facts about Zionist conspiracy
- Jamal Kanj
Seminar on Pakistan and Europe: A partnership through aid and development
Qatar's ties with the Muslim Brotherhood
- Ahmad Jamil Azem
Anti-Muslim riot in Myanmar
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Prince Charles hosts reception to celebrate Oxford Centre's
historic achievement
- Dr. Mozammel Haque
History and Culture
  King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz's rehabilitation of Ain Zubaida project
  'Nation of Islam' revisited
- Abdulrahman Al-Zuhayyan
Great Muslims
  Fayruz ad-Daylami, the righteous