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March 2011
  Democracy in the Arab World
Current Affairs
  Palestinians to seek UN recognition
Declaring Palestine: Revisiting hope and failure
- Ramzy Baroud
Human rights violations in Indian held Kashmir
- Khalid Iqbal
Will world now intervene over torture in Kashmir?
- Dilnaz Boga
Israel FM drafting plans for provisional Palestine
Algerians may not rest for long
- Mohamed Ben-Madani
US House condemns unilateral recognition of Palestinian state
Turkey felt betrayed by Israel
Israeli - Palestinian talks: bold approach is essential
US drone attacks on Pakistani territory up by 134 pc in 2010
Jordan's King warns of more dangers if there is no solution to Palestine-Israel conflict
- Habib Toumi
Setback for peace process
- George S. Hishmeh
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  Peace plan may not be derailed by
latest hurdle: Economist
What's wrong with Muslims?
- Aijaz Zaka Syed
Muslim Minorities
  Britain's Muslim Diaspora
- Conn Hallina
- Tariq Osman Hyder
Human Rights
  European Court & Muslim rights
- Ali Bulac
Great Muslims
  Amr ibn al-Jamuh