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  November 2003

Current Affairs
Motamar’s Seminar on UN and Muslim World Speakers’ call: Muslims of the World Unite

Speakers at a seminar on UN and the Muslim World held by Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami (World Muslim Congress) at its International headquarters in Karachi on October 24, called for unity among the Muslims of the world and strengthening the UN to make it more effective to meet the new challenges of unilaterism posed by US and Israel.

Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq, Secretary-General, Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami, who presided at the seminar, said US was trying to surpass the UN and undermine its role to establish its supremacy. Raja Zafarul Haq, said that frequent use of veto power, mostly by one or two countries in their self-interest, had ridiculed the status of the world body. Citing some events from the past, he said that the US had become a threat to the sovereignty of the UN. It wanted UN to work as per its aspirations and whims and now it seemed that the US did not find it obligatory to follow the resolutions or observations of the body of over 190 countries, he added, saying in the name of “safeguarding its security,” the US could turn aggressive against any country. However, he mentioned that recent developments in Iraq and Afghanistan were causing change in world opinion and even the US citizens had started questioning why other people hate them. He said unilateral and pre-emptive actions of US have turned the world opinion against it. As a result, American themselves are now beginning to realise the need for restoration of UN’s role. He believed it was a passing phase and would ultimately lead to the restoration of the world order.

Talking about war on Iraq, Raja Zafarul Haq said that it was all undue and aimed only to usurp the resources of the Muslim countries. As the US was finding its forces in trouble in Iraq, so it was trying to deploy the forces from other countries by using the UN, he said. Referring to the other disputes and urest in the Muslim Ummah, he said that self respect of the people had been undermined largely due to American attitude, adding that it was high time that the Organization of Islamic Conference be made an effective body.

Former Chief Justice, Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui told the seminar that the hostility of the west and American towards Islam and its followers had exposed the Muslim states throughout the world to serious threat of security. It is high time, Muslim countries which largely depend on the west and America for their defence and economic requirements take an objective look at the prevailing political situation in the world and start working for establishment of regional alliances to evolve a system of collective defence to protect their security and economic interests from outside interference, he added.

Mr. Qutubuddin Aziz, veteran diplomat and journalist and Chairman Motamar Media Centre, said in the circumstances the Muslim world finds itself today we should create our own media to foil western and Zionist-inspired propaganda against the Muslims. He noted that some semblance has emerged from the OIC summit meeting. He concluded his speech with the slogan “Muslims of the World Unite”.

Former Federal Minister Dr. Basharat Jazbi urged the Muslim Ummah should unite and rather than condemning it, they should try to make UN more effective.

Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat, Assistant Secretary-General, Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami, said that there should be one parameter for all countries at the United Nations. Israel has two hundred atom bombs but western powers do not talk about it and they are looking for excuses to go after Iran. Shahid Amin, former ambassador, said that UN has two roles. One is political and the other non-political in which it had been doing great service to the nations of the world. It was in its political role that the UN was not entirely a success. But it was still the last hope for a world order and peace. Unilateralism should be rejected and the UN system strengthened.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Abdullah Dadabhoy, Finance Secretary Motamar observed that the economic situation of the entire Muslim world is dismal because we lack in education and technology. Our very existence is in jeopardy and we should make two-pronged effort: To have our own media and build our economy, to come out of the slumber.