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July 2010
  Israel: a history of war crimes
Current Affairs
  Obama's outreach to Muslims proves
tough sell
Saarc meeting on climate change, water and food shortages
Muslim Friends of Labour meet;
Palestinian state on pre-1967 borders
- Mozammel Haque
US must intervene in Indo-Pak rivalry
Saudi Arabia condemns Israel's arrogant
policies on settlements
A Plestinian state in 2011?
- Yaakov Katz
China's policy towards Tehran
Pak-US ties looking up
-Shamshad Ahmad-
Special Article
  Israel's master of deception
- Rannie Amiri
News Roundup
  News from the Muslim World
  The death of the American century
- Henry Allen
  Islam a religion of peaceful
- Henry Allen
  Zionism alarmed
- M Shahid Alam
  The Arab state: Durable and vulnerable
- Rami G. Khouri
  3rd World Peace Foru m on Mainstreaming
Peace Education
Muslim Minorities
  British-Bangladeshis in UK Politics:
A historical perspective
- Mozammel Haque
Great Muslims
  Al-Mawardi, author of Doctrine of